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I'm just WAITING for a Dynasty reboot. There are so many potential storylines right off the bat, especially, since, sadly, John Forsythe is gone, Blake would have to be killed off. God, imagine the fighting over his property and assets and company? Alexis and Krystal are there for given what could be seasons worth of storylines. However, would Linda Evans even return? She clearly gets along with the cast, since she did return for the reunion special a few years back. I think she might be talked into it, probably by Joan Collins.

I think Dynasty would be far easier to reboot, ala Dallas, moreso than Knots Landing, and Knots Landing has such a special place in my heart, different than Dallas and Dynasty to me.

I think KL makes sense because of Dallas and I think it could be pulled off, but it could end up like Melrose Place where it's just a hot mess of newbies and badly written older characters who don't seem to fit in anymore and fans would rather see them than the newbies. It's very risky to reboot an 'ensemble' drama than it is to reboot a family drama, IMO.

Anyway ... lol. I think about this stuff too much, too. Sigh. I really should be a damn writer in television.
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