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Episode #159 is finally posted.

an excerpt:
Dr. Fred Rutherford strummed his fingers along the edge of the bar and fidgeted nervously on his barstool. He didn’t necessarily like meeting Joyce Preston in such a public setting, but she’d called the get-together and he felt he’d had no choice but to comply. After all, considering he wasn’t even close to having enough cash to make his next payment to her, it was the least he could do.

Ever since his wife, Leticia, had made the stunning and unexpected announcement that she had closed their joint banking account – his primary source of funding “discretionary expenses” – he’d been racking his brain trying to figure out exactly how he was going to come up with the money to placate Joyce and keep her threats at bay. Unfortunately, Fred had swiftly found himself tapped out. Of course Leticia had assured him that he still had access to their money – her money – but he had to go through her. She’d assured him that she would approve anything he needed, but he found it highly doubtful that she would approve of continued payments to Joyce to keep her from spilling everything she knew about his prior involvement with late racketeer Stephen Lake, Stephen’s late wife Annabelle, or a certain long-missing nurse with whom Fred shared a rather secret illicit involvement. No, Leticia most definitely wouldn’t understand any of that.

Truth of the matter was that Fred was flat broke with not even two slug nickels to rub together. Until his next paycheck cleared from the hospital, he barely even had enough money to cover the cost of the scotch and water he’d been drinking which was starting to disappear almost as quickly as his financial prospects. As he downed the last bit of scotch from his glass, nearly sucking every last drop of liquor from the ice cubes in the process, he spotted Joyce from across the room and his heartbeat began to quicken. He exhaled slowly and pushed the now empty glass back across the bar. No, he didn’t have the money to cover his next payment to Joyce, but he surely had enough to cover just one more drink – because he was going to need it.

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