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If they're going for a revamp, I think they should get bold.

I would dump the judges entirely after the initial talent search. Lopez and Tyler are great at finding vocalists, imho. They're shit as coaches mentoring people through and guiding the audience vote. I'd allocate the time savings to the performances, so people could actually build a song and show nuance.

I wouldn't change voting beyond including iTunes downloads, and I might count those as 2 texts/phone calls. I'd also see about uploading performances to YouTube or something and counting the number of views (also count them more than a text/phone vote). It's a lot harder to sit through someone's performance 25 times than it is to actually re-watch it.

Frankly though, I think it comes down to the talent pool. They need to raise the age back up, imho (it was so annoying hearing all the "I grew up watching this" bullshit- I'm 32, I don't need a tv show to make me feel old like that). I also think they should rest it for a year. Make it like the Olympics, go once every two years instead. So many shows, I think we're tapped out. Or at least it feels like singing ability is a lot less special/unique, imho.
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