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Jun 1 2012, 02:03 PM
I really don't think the ratings drop is that concerning. It seems like many shows went down in the ratings this past TV season. I think Idol would've dropped regardless but, to me, the drop it had was further inflated by the same issues other shows seem to be having because many shows experienced significant drops along with Idol.
Normally, I'd agree, because most veteran shows (unless your NCIS) erode year to year, but at an 8-10% decline. Idol lost a third of their audience this season (30%) and didn't recoup it in DVR numbers. At most it only gained 2-3% each week with Live+7

My problem with the show is the cookie-cutter contestants they keep trying to shove down our throats. We've seen ten Phillip Phillips through the years. I think a lot of viewers have wised up to their bias. It started when Siobhan Magnus was voted off in season nine. She was a viewer fave and critical darling predicted to make the Top three. But you had all the teen girls rallying for Casey James, Aaron Kelly and Lee Dwyze. The biggest week to week drop in Idol history (-5 million) happened the week after she was voted off. Most didn't tune back in for the finale either.

Then it happens again the very next season. You have the uber talented Haley Reinhart who is by far the most popular contestant among viewers, critics and celebs. You know you're amazing when Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin personally contacts the show and wants you to cover their song. Then you have everyone from Lady Gaga to Tom Hanks showing support for you. And lo and behold, the teen fan girls made sure the country bumpkins were the final two. This season it was SO obvious that the producers and judges wanted Scotty and Alaina as the final two. They were downright cruel to Haley. hell, even Idol's vocal coach Debra Byrd spoke up about all the shit they did to Haley. (Prob why she was fired after that season)

It's a voting system that's been broken for years and needs fixed. We don't need another WGWG winner!
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