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Jun 1 2012, 12:58 PM
May 30 2012, 03:56 PM
I think the problem was that they focused way to much on Cassie and not enough on the other witches. I feel like they should have treated it as more of an ensemble cast instead of Cassie as the lead and the others supporting cast members the show would have faired better. I also really liked Shelley Hennig in her role as Diana, I was one of the few that loved in her in Days of Our Lives.
I think you're right, but imho the pacing is what did them in, especially since they followed Vampire Diaries. Any show that goes after VD has to accomplish a lot in an hour without exhausting itself, because VD moves quickly. I think Secret Circle suffered by comparison because they'd have 2 episodes dedicated to stuff the VD crew would be able to accomplish before the first commercial break.

Here's hoping whatever follows VD next year is able to keep up.
I agree, but I also think because it was the first season it definately needed to have a slower pace just so they audience could kind familiarize itself with the characters and the storylines. But there were definately episodes where it went entirely to slow especially the first half of the season. I think the pacing did pick up towards the end of the season, and had their been a second season I definately thing it would have had a much faster pace.
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