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I don't get all the panic over these numbers, which aren't much different from what the show has been getting for the better part of a year and a half. The show is in no more danger than it was last week or even a year ago and, keep in mind, I still think the show will be with us for a few more years despite what has been going on with it. NBC clearly still has an interest in it.

These numbers, while bad for sweeps, aren't that bad. The show was only down a little from last week and a little from last year. I was expecting much worse for both Days and GH. This week can be a rough week for soaps, especially soaps that aim for younger viewers (like Days and GH). I've seen years where they suffer HUGE losses toward the end of the week on the verge of a holiday weekend (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc). Notice both Days and GH suffered their worst daily numbers on Friday when many were likely taking off for the holiday weekend. The CBS soaps skew older so they never get hit as hard when long holiday weekends factor in because their audience isn't as reliant on those who would likely take off for a trip over the holiday weekend.

Days is a HUGE mess but I would say these numbers are pretty good given that and given the week it was. I would say the show's been holding up pretty week given how bad it's been since MarDar came on.
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