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May 30 2012, 12:54 PM
If these 4 shows survive another year and this upcoming Emmys is a total bust then I hope they just scrap the Emmy format. I hope the people I listed about (Giddens, Logan, Kerr, Newcomb, etc) create some sort of award show for the actors to celebrate the best in the business. Who knows if the actors would actually embrace it since it won't be on the level of the Emmys but it would be much of an honor, IMO. I would rather get an award from "critics" than my best friends and friends of my best friends. I would also rather have a nice rewarding evening that's all about ME and my genre of entertainment than have something that's more based on Ellen, Oprah, and anything that isn't SOAP related. Not that Ellen, Oprah, etc aren't deserving people but they have totally disregarded soaps and I'm done with it.
We produce the Indie Soap Awards and this year it was actually nicer than the past few Daytime Emmys. Aside from being a fancy party and fun event (with clips!), the entire night was about celebrating soap operas on the web and there was such an uplifting mood in the crowd. There wasn't a single minute that was about something else (Las Vegas included!) With the Daytime Emmys, people party and have fun but there's also an underlying sense of doom and gloom. The fact that the who has been in limbo the past several years doesn't help. I would LOVE to produce a Daytime Soap Awards show to really honor the best of today and the legends that deserve special recognition. I am spending this summer securing advertisers for next February's Indie Soap Awards. We closed the show this year by filling the auditorium with bubbles.
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