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Jun 4 2012, 01:49 PM
Jun 4 2012, 01:36 PM
Less soaps definitely helps Days get more nominations, but I think the Academy's attitude towards Days changed, as well. I guess they've become less disrespecting. Don't forget that Days got 5 acting nods, 2 of which they won, in 2009, when there were still 8 soaps on air. The trend continued in 2010, when 7 were on air, but 8 still eligible for awards. But, maybe I'm the only one seeing the change.
I can't explain Darin Brooks but Tamara Braun got a nomination because more soap people know her. She didn't do anything phenomenal. It's just frustrating to see actors who are barely a part of the shows' history walk away with nominations and awards when the actors who've put in decades of hard work couldn't get recognition because of politics. Besides, the industry's attitude wasn't the problem. The problem was that number of votes was decided on based on how many soaps each network had. Now ABC and NBC are even. Days specifically benefits in the Emmy process when there are fewer soaps.
Yes, DAYS was shutout for the majority of the 2000's because they were at a HUGE disadvantage in network voting...I think each show got two votes in the nomination process...so NBC had 4 and then 2 (when PSNS was canned), while ABC had 8 and then 6 (after PC was canned), CBS had 8 and then 6 (after GL was canned), then 4 (after ATWT was canned)...so that is why DAYS was shutout.

Now that that system is no longer being used and the one that was used in the 1990's is back, DAYS is benefiting again.
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