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Wow! I can't believe you guys got the rehire Matt Ashford campaign to trend on twitter. You guys rock!!

Amazing that after 20+ years of terrible, terrible writing for Jack Devereaux - he is still a fan favorite and can cause buzz. Such a testament to Matt Ashford and the original writers who created such an iconic one-of-a-kind soap legend.

That said, I'm really torn, because I truly don't think T/W will know how to write for Jack Devereaux. IF Matt chooses to give this show another chance, I hope he waits until T/W are fired and Lorraine Broderick becomes head writer. And I hope he gets 2-3 episodes/week guarantee. This 1xmonth thing is bullshit. AND I hope he comes back without Missy Reeves. I really can't stand to watch Jack as Jen-Jen's pathetic puppy dog again. He needs to be fleshed out as a stand alone character again. I want to see Jack as a father, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, godfather, and most importantly SNARKY, SNEAKY REPORTER. Let him mix it up with the canvas. Not all soap stories have to be about contrived love relationships.

And if he doesn't come back, I wish MA the best and much luck with his career. And I will also kind of thank him for not tempting me to come back to this show. It's really awful. I can't even read the recaps or spoilers. What an unmitigated mess. Nothing makes sense! Or they have retreads of old stories without any real stakes, heart, soul, or consequences.

Seriously, when does the real Save Days twitter campaign start? The show needs a real writing team. Without that, it truly doesn't matter who comes back.

But again, rock on!! And Congratulations!! I really would love to see MA return and be treated right, finally. But after 20+ years of horrible BS, I don't really believe its possible. Sorry! Don't mean to rain on your parade. :cheer: :cheer:

Ignore me. I'm just being a stupid downer. You guys got it to TREND today! :cheers:
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