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Jun 4 2012, 06:00 PM
Jun 3 2012, 07:56 AM
Jun 3 2012, 07:15 AM
NBC primetime lineup on Thursday and Friday have comparable numbers to those of DAYS, that's what's really sad.

Except for Awake, thats not even remotely true at all - at least in the 18-49s demos, the actual ratings that count. Besides Awake, no other show dropped below 1.2, which while pathetic, is still close to double DAYS 0.7 this week among W18-49. We don't get to see A18-49 for DAYS, which would be worse than 0.7 because fewer men watch than women, so its fair to assume the comparable demos are more than doubled by Prime time.

The only prime time shows that got comparable ratings to DAYS were shows like Bent, Best Friends Forever, The Firm, Harry's Law and Awake - all of which were cancelled. The only other show with comparable ratings was Rock Centre, but that costs much less to produce.

Days is a HUGE mess but I would say these numbers are pretty good given that and given the week it was. I would say the show's been holding up pretty week given how bad it's been since MarDar came on.

Yeah, Income statements dont care about that. They only register 480,000 W18-49 watched during sweeps and that means much lower advertising rates (greater losses?) until next sweeps.

For all of you wearing rose tinted glasses, unless Tomsell can turn this ship around, there is no business case to expect DAYS to cheat death when all those Prime time shows could not. Especially since The Chew has not exactly tanked.
I don't see how those primetime numbers hurt Days. I think they help. I think Days would be long gone if not for the fact that NBC's primetime lineup has been in shambles the past few years. They can't afford to invest money and time in focusing on new daytime programming right now when they have to keep putting so much into the primetime lineup and they also have to focus on costs attributed to the Olympics too. If NBC ever finds more success in primetime aside from The Voice (which is not exactly a consistent super hit) and Sunday Night Football, I will worry about Days. I think NBC's standards for both daytime and primetime are much lower than the other networks right now given the circumstances. I'm not saying they are happy with Days because, clearly, they weren't. However, the fact that they forced Days to make changes and seem to be involved IMO shows they still want it around. If they wanted it cancelled, they would just let MarDar continue to run it into the ground and then just cancel it. A few years ago, NBC didn't seem nowhere near as invovled as they are now. To me, there are more good signs for Days then bad right now.

Also, I always say this but I will say it again. These numbers are just part of the story. It's all about revenue. You still have online viewing, which Corday touted in 2010. You also have later DVR viewing in addition to same day DVR viewing and that viewership only gets measured in season to date numbers, which always feature higher numbers for the soaps including Days. In 2010, the show was BLEEDING viewers, particularly in 18-49. Most were saying the show was doomed but it's season to date numbers were much higher than the live+same day numbers and Corday had done an interview in which he touted the online viewing the show had. A few months later, the show got a MULTI-YEAR renewal. That is why I don't think this is so cut and dry. These numbers aren't good but the season-to-date numbers are better and I would guess the online viewership is helping alot too.

Plus, the show did have ratings gains earlier this month. Plus, the past two sweeps periods, it had some gains. It pretty much lost what gains it had at the end of the sweeps periods but it's not like the show had nothing but stagnant/negative ratings this sweeps month or for the past two sweeps months. I don't think the show will lost much in terms of revenue for sweeps given that.
Most of what you say is correct. Some is misinterpreted, but I don't feel like writing an essay so I'll just get to the jist of it:
(1) Over the 2 years, the W18-49 has halved and total viewers have dropped off a third, give or take some.
(2) Prime time may suck, but Today Show doesn't.

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