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Jun 4 2012, 11:25 PM
The cast has been released. http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-glass-house/bios

Pretty bland type of cast, however, Erica & Robin are hilarious.

First impressions,

Alex - EWWW, omg just no. He rubbed me the wrong way in his clip, LOL what a douche.

Andrea - Seems like one of those fake, bland & boring bitches. Horrible combo! Found her highly annoying.

Apollo - :wub: Liked him.

Ashley - Found her kinda boring in her clip but she seems like she could be fun & hilarious.

Erica - LMAO! Loved her attitude & outlook on things, she is funny ;P

Gene - Just no. So cocky & annoying

Jacob - :eyeroll:

Jeffrey - Total queen, could either be really fun or really annoying.

Joy - Boring

Kevin : :wub: :wub: But he could be boring if he doesn't loosen up.

Melissa - Loved her energy and I see myself enjoying her

Mike - He's one of those obnoxious, smarmy, proud dads. Didn't like him in his clip. LOL

Robin - LOVE!!

Stephanie - Not sure about her
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