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Jun 4 2012, 05:05 PM
I think the days of them being rating blockbusters are over. Not the shows. I think they're still capable of great seasons.

The novelty has worn off though. They're not going to get 20 million viewers anymore.
Does any show get 20 million viewers anymore? It appears all ratings are on the decline.

I do agree the novelty has worn off of AI and this is more of a 00's fad.

JLO and Steven can go, IMO. JLO is a fake and Steven offers zero helpful advice. I wouldn't change the voting system. The show is suppose to be about the audience. Additionally, none of the contestants this year were really root-able. Philip Philips had the personality of a toothbrush and that other broad was fake.

I' m glad that I am not the only one who wanted Kris Allen to beat that screecher, LOL. Entirely overrated.
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