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Jun 4 2012, 10:17 PM
They just haven't found any America's Sweethearts that are crazy talented yet relatable.
See...that's where I have a problem with this show.

I think female contestants have an impossible task. They have to be pretty enough to get on television, but not so pretty as to become unrelatable. They have to be insanely talented vocally, but not too yell-y (some people hate that), and not too perfect with the vocal (because then they're cold). They have to be aware of their talent (or else they're fake) but not too braggy/confident with it (that would make them a bitch).

Male contestants can walk on with an "aw shucks" grin, a guitar, a remix of an 80s song, and a limited vocal. Then they can just repeat that for several weeks until the cutest aw-shuckiest of them walks away with the cash. The bar is set so much lower, imho. The balancing act- not really there.

Also, I don't think Carrie would have won under current circumstances. She was stiff, especially in her early performances, and a bit too pretty. I think she'd have gotten the same reception that Pia did (and if it leaked that she performed regularly before being on the show, she'd have gotten treated like Carly Smithson did) and would have been out on her ass in 6th/7th place.
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