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Good points King. Allison Iraheta might have been close but got lost in the whole how wonderful Danny/Adam were during her season. Agree with both Crystal and Jessica not being likeable. I felt the same way. To me Crystal was extremely boring and did the same thing week after week that I was simply bored. There is just something about Jessica that never set right with me.

I could see a couple of years from now, Lauren having that type of career that both Kelly and Carrie have. Might not be as big, but I think she has potential. My thing with her was that she just seemed too young along with no stage presence. She always sounded very nice, but I never felt like she connected to the content of the song. Both are things that become stronger has you mature as well as you get more stage time.

Also good points by Phoenix. I do feel like the manipulation has been so bad the last couple of seasons that it has really turned the show for me. But I know my biggest problem with this show now is that they are trying to make these contestants bigger than they really are. All of the singing reality shows are guilty of this. These contestants come out and sing one song yet have a production for that song like they are headlining a world tour. As I think about the moments that I remember most are the ones that are unexpected as well as not over top. There is too much force in creating a moment that you actually lose the heart of the performance.
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