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Jun 5 2012, 06:40 PM
I was never a fan of Ben at any point, but I actually thought he was most annoying in Season 7. The Jean Hackney storyline in Season 8 is atrocious, though. That being said, the scene in which Ben nearly strangles Lilimae is full-on hilarity.

Season 9 is a dry season, at least to me. Jill coming unhinged is that season's saving grace.
Yeah. He got on my nerves last season too. I mean, I've never been a big Ben fan, but I can usually tolerate the character with Val (because we're supposed to root for them together right now). There's just something about him this season that makes me want to punch him. And, oh god. Lmao. That damn security system. I actually just watched that episode today. This whole season has felt different from the rest, actually. Less about the characters, more about the plot. That's definitely noticeable. It's still good...just different.

Abby's conversation with Jill was also pretty enjoyable when referencing their engagement and they're clearly setting up some sort of Jill/Val rivalry for the next season. "Jill, let the second Mrs. Ewing give a friendly warning to the soon-to-be third Mrs. Ewing...the first Mrs. Ewing doesn't go away. Ever."

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