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National Enquirer Spoilers
-Cameron and Abigail's romance grows.
-Madison asks Brady to take a drug test.
-Sami isn't too happy that Carrie and Rafe will be working together.
-Victor warns Daniel about Nicole.
-Neil reveals something that might prove Will's innocence.
-Maggie and Victor struggle to work through their marriage.

Monday ("Taking Drugs")
Brady agrees to Madison's request by taking a drug test; Maggie and Victor agree to put their fight behind them.

Tuesday ("Representing Will")
Sami agrees to let Carrie help with Will's case; Andrew kidnaps Melanie; Lexie passes away in Abe's arms.

Wednesday (Will's Confession")
Will takes EJ's advice and confesses where he was the night of Stefano's murder; Melanie tries to escape.

Thursday ("Cameron's Staying in Town")
Cameron confides in his mother about his intentions; Will's loved ones learn about his sexuality.

Friday ("The Stern Warning")
Kate wonders if Carrie still has feelings for Rafe; Daniel and Nicole discuss their kis

**UPDATED 6/10**

Monday, June 18th
Brady agrees to a drug test, not know that Ian has been spiking his shakes; Maggie and Victor try to work through their problems; Victor tells Daniel about Nicole; Abigail skips a concert to spend time with Cameron.

Tuesday, June 19th
Will confronts E.J. about Stefano; Sami agrees to let Carrie help with Will's defense; Andrew kidnaps Melanie; Lexie and Abe spend an afternoon in their garden.

Wednesday, June 20th
Will tells the police he was at a gay bar the night of Stefano's murder, to Roman's dismay; Abe tries to deal with his loss; Gabi talks to Andrew about Melanie's absence.

Thursday, June 21st
Loved ones offer Abe and Theo support; Melanie attempts an escape; Chad and Abigail wonder about Melanie's departure; Sonny offers Will support.

Friday, June 22nd
Will sees E.J. with the document proving Stefano was not E.J.'s father; the news of Carrie's pregnancy thrills Kate; Daniel confronts Nicole about her manipulations.

**UPDATED 6/12**

Week of June 18:

Monday June 18:
Brady once again shows signs of being high in a meeting. Madison confronts him but is met with denial.
Brady is asked to take a drug test and arranges one with Daniel.
Victor is concerned about Brady but Maggie finds it confusing considering Brady's in a good place in his life.
Maggie and Victor work through him lying about her eggs. Maggie worries they don't have the same value system.
Victor will do everything to save his marriage. Maggie realizes something Alice once said and agrees to give it her marriage another shot.
Abby and Cameron go berry picking and share another kiss.

Tuesday June 19:
Will confronts EJ about motives for wanting his father dead. EJ wants Will to continue working for him.
EJ realizes he has evidence the police don't yet know about.
Justin proposes that Carrie help Will's defense but Sami's against it.
Billie and Rafe discuss the missing pension money and Stefano's involvement in John's aquittal which give EJ motive to kill Stefano.
Carrie and Rafe work side by side.
Melanie tries struggling with Andrew, who tries to abduct her.
Chad and Gabi search for Melanie so he can apologize for lashing out at her.
Melanie gets a snoot full of chloroform and wakes up to find herself prisoner in Andrew's basement.
Andrew sends a text from Mel's phone to cover his tracks.
Lexi knows her death is imminent and she and Abe spend a lovely time in their garden discussing their live and love until Lexi passes on in Abe's arms.

Wednesday June 20:
EJ urges Will to save himself and tell the truth about where he was the night Stefano was killed.
Neil tells SPD where Will really was - with him, the night of Stefano's murder.
Will confirms Neil's story, making Roman wonder why his grandson was at a gay bar.
Will comes out to Roman, who is thrown.
Abe tries to deal with his loss with support from friends.
Lexi's spirit returns briefly to speak with loved ones before crossing over.
Gabi is closer to Melanie than she thinks!

Thursday June 21:
Family and friends try to help Abe and Theo deal with Lexi's passing.
Celeste worries she could lose Cameron but he assures her he's staying in Salem for Abby. Celeste worries more, feeling that disturbing vibrations surround Abby.
Melanie attempts an escape but runs into Andrew.
Chad confides in Abby about Melanie's strange disappearance.
Chad learns his sister has died.
Sonny assures Will he did the right thing by telling the truth.
John hears Will is gay and is fine with it.

Friday June 22:
EJ studies the document which proves he isn't Stefano's son. Will finds the document, unaware of what it is.
Kate's thrilled to become a grandmother and celebrates with Carrie and Austin.
Kate sees how Carrie is with Rafe.
Kate gets Carrie aside and advises not to hurt her son or there will be hell to pay.
Nicole thanks Daniel for allowing her to switch the DNA results.
Daniel openly wonders how much of the 'poor me' act Nicole has employed on him.
Nicole and Daniel acknowledge their kiss and wonder if there is anything to it. They're about to kiss when they're interrupted.


Spoilers For June 18-22

Leaking out and letting go.

Madison confronts Brady again when he’s acting stoned. He keeps insisting he’s not but she thinks it’s high time for a drug test. He’s hurt but agrees. He also pays Maggie a visit. Victor has been worrying to her that Brady’s fallen off the wagon and is headed for the gutter. Victor and Maggie have some problems of their own to face. After a long talk, they agree not to throw away their marriage. He takes a break from the healing to warn Dr. Daniel about what a user Nicole can be. Meanwhile, Ian continues to feed Madison’s insecurities.

Abby wants to take Cameron to a concert but he doesn’t want to leave town while his sister is at death’s door. They go berry picking instead. He admits that he wants to stick around Salem, and not just because he has family there. Over at his sister’s house, she spends the day in the garden with Abe, recollecting their life together. Finally, she dies in his arms. Her spirit floats off to spend some time with Theo before paying EJ a visit. She does her best to convince him to get along with Abe. News of her passing spreads. Her mother worries that her son will leave too but he assures her that he’s sticking around town. She warns him again about Abby’s evil vibes.

Justin suggests to Sami that Carrie help defend Will. Sami refuses and then changes her mind. She thinks about changing her mind back again when she discovers that Rafe is working the case. Will suggests that Elvis might have knocked off Stefano. EJ doesn’t appreciate it. Will doesn’t appreciate being used as his personal slave either. As the men argue, Will reveals something to the lawyer that no one else knows. Pretty soon, Will’s friend Neil comes out of the woodwork to explain to the cops that he was with Will at a gay bar when Stefano was shot. Will confirms this and there are even more witnesses. Roman doesn’t quite put things together so Will has to explain that he’s actually gay.

Agent Spencer arrives to take over the murder investigation. EJ is now prime suspect. Will catches his boss hiding the papers proving he’s not a DiMera. The cops rattle his belt and EJ does his best to stay composed. Once they leave, he’s frazzled and runs off, dropping the papers behind. Will picks them up.

Chad gets a text message from Mel saying that she’s going to Europe for some time alone. He’s shocked. Gabi is thrilled. In fact, Andrew sent the message and is holding Mel captive in his basement. Gabi arrives at his place. As he talks to her, Mel tries to break free. He stops her before she can escape. Meanwhile, Chad starts to worry about his missing girlfriend. Gabi and Abby are there to comfort the confused and grieving man.

Kate is ecstatic when she learns that Austin knocked up Carrie. He tells his mom that everything is coming up roses. His mom has her doubts when she notices the way that Carrie and Rafe are still ogling each other. Once she gets her daughter-in-law alone, she warns her that she’s dead meat if she messes up Austin’s life. Meanwhile, Nicole pays Daniel a visit and thanks him again for all of his help. Since his little chat with Victor, he’s been wondering just how much she has been manipulating him. She admits that she’s been using him a bit, but they can’t shake the fact that there is a genuine attraction between them. They’re about to use his desk to investigate how deep it goes when he’s called away on hospital business.

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