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Jun 7 2012, 07:15 PM
In my opinion, Dallas was its best from Season 1 (DVD, including mini-series) through Season 6 (DVD), particularly seasons 1-3.
For me, 1982-1984 (Seasons 6 and 7 on DVD) was Dallas's zenith. For me, those two seasons were the most fun, and the all-encompassing Jock's Will/Contest for Ewing Oil saga that played out over the course of those two seasons was the show's best storyline.

The show was at its best when it had well-written female characters who didn't just sit around and watch their husbands like they often did in later years.

I liked Pam working (moreso at The Store than at Barnes-Wentworth), but I hated the attempts to make Sue Ellen 'strong' and 'powerful' starting around Season 9 or 10 (DVD) just because Linda Gray wanted to play some sort of feminist role model, even though it wasn't who Sue Ellen was at all.

Sue Ellen was also at her most damaged around season three and was one of the more interesting and complex characters on the canvas.

Sue Ellen was great in the early seasons, but around 1983 or 1984, I feel that the character had run her course and should have been written out. Unpopular opinion, I know, but one that I stand firmly by.

For me, the last passable season of Dallas is Season 8 (on DVD)/1984-1985. That's when the weaknesses in the writing really started setting in (the awful Donna Reed miscast as Miss Ellie that year didn't help) and from that point on, almost every season was progressively worse than the one that came before it.
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