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Jun 7 2012, 05:51 PM
Does anyone know where to get an in-depth season four recap video? I forget EVERYTHING.
Daytime posted a 15 minute recap video in this thread a few days ago. Just incase you can't watch it embedded, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HJBe19VyNA

Where we left off last season...

Jason confessed to Hoyt that he had sex with Jessica. Hoyt beat the shit out of him.

Jessica turned up at Jason's place later that night (dressed as Little Red Riding Hood -- it was Halloween) and the two of them had sex again. Later, when Jason was alone, Steve Newlin (former leader of the Fellowship of the Sun) showed up at his front door revealing that he's now a vampire.

After being killed by Bill at the Moon Goddess Emporium, Marnie possessed Lafayette's body and murdered Jesus to "steal his power." (The result of this is that Lafayette is now the host for the demon that used to reside inside Jesus.) Later, Marnie bound Bill and Eric by silver and tried to burn them alive, but Sookie arrived just in time to save the day (with the help of Holly and Tara). Accepting her defeat, Marnie left Lafayette's body and went off into the light.

Sookie confessed to Bill and Eric that she loves them both but decided not to be with either of them. "I can't stand this anymore. It's like being ripped in half. No matter what I do, somebody I love gets hurt. There's only one way I see this ending, and it's me walking away with neither of you."

Terry's former marine buddy, Patrick (played by Scott Foley), showed up at Merlotte's, surprising Terry and Arlene. Later, the ghost of Renee (Arlene's serial killer ex) appeared to Arlene to give her a warning about Terry: "That man is bringing trouble of the worst kind. The ghosts of his past... they won't rest forever. Run."

Bill and Eric killed Nan Flanagan (member of the Vampire Authority) to protect Sookie.

Russell Edgington was unearthed from the cement tomb that Bill, Eric and Alcide buried him in at the end of season 3.

After being dumped by Alcide, Debbie went to Sookie's house with a shotgun, determined to kill her. Tara was caught in the crossfire and ended up having her head blown off. Sookie tackled Debbie to the ground and shot her in the face. The final scene was Sookie cradling Tara's lifeless body and crying out for help.

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