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Monday, May 28th (1.7/2,192,000 (did not count))
Will makes a confession; Abe makes an ominous threat; Lexie shares news about her condition; Cameron and Abigail have a candid conversation.

Tuesday, May 29th (1.9/2,397,000)
Jennifer and Jack celebrate their anniversary with Abigail and Cameron; Lexie asks E.J. to give Abe his mayoral seat; Sami tries to repair her relationship with Will.

Wednesday, May 30th (1.7/2,431,000)
Nicole tries to alter the results of the paternity test E.J. ordered; Will is devastated; Stefano is overwhelmed with guilt.

Thursday, May 31st (1.8/2,303,000)
E.J. and Stefano have a heated confrontation; Will plans to take action against Stefano; Abigail is suspicious of Gabi; Daniel and Nicole share a passionate kiss.

Friday, June 1st (1.8/2,452,000)
Stefano faces all of his adversaries; Kate receives infuriating news; Lucas takes Will's gun.
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