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So that kiss between Eric and the mystery vamp was freakin hawt.. Until I found out that was his sister.. :puke:

I am going to enjoy Eric and Bill's bromace. Love Eric's F**K Sookie comment.. I've been saying that since 3rd Season..lol :D

Sookie is still working the nerves, hopefully it gets better throughout the season..

Feel bad for Lafayette, too much loss for one person to go through, I see why he wanted Tara turned.. :(

Vamp Tara is going to be hell on wheels..I am kinda interested to see where they are going with this..

Jessica, glad to see she's enjoying all the things she would have missed as a human.. :thumbsup:

As long as they keep Jason naked, its all good.. lol

Steve Newlan.. Is in love with Jason!!!!! That caught me completely off guard.. but I kinda like him and Jessica fighting over Jason.. This should be fun.. :D

Tonight's episode was a nice setup for the season, it wasn't as big of an impact as I thought.. Still looking forward to the season though.

Our Chris Meloni first episode is next week, so I have no complaints... :D :rockon:

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