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Loved tonight's premiere...just enough from everyone to get me excited for the season.

LOL at fucked up Tara! Pam did mention that it could happen, but not sure if I want another season of Sookie babying another vamp.

So happy to have Eric back on screen, and I love the bromance between Eric and Bill. Loved his weird ass sister/brother thing with Nora. Good grief they don't waste time!!
Kind of confused who is trying to capture Eric and Bill...was that the Authority both times?

I feel they took Lafayette too dark and I don't know how they will get him back to anything light after all of this. I missed flamboyant but tough Lafayette cooking in the kitchen bitching at people and getting high on V. He brought the levity at one point. But to have the guy lose his boyfriend and cousin in one day is too much. Love me some Lafayette.

LOL that Steve Newlin is gay...where are they going with this?
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