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Jun 12 2012, 12:17 AM
Jun 12 2012, 12:06 AM
Deb and Dexter?! Oh hell no. That's an "i'm done" moment right there.
I said last season that if they don't drop that shit I'm not going to watch anymore, and now that it's confirmed they're moving forward with it (On Deb's romantic feelings for her brother: "It's ironic that people are fine with Dexter jabbing people in the heart but mortified by this romance," says Buck. "We're not shying away from those feelings of hers, either.") I've come to the conclusion that last season of Dexter was probably my last.
See, the thing for me wasn't even that it was 'mortifying' because they were siblings through adoption. It just screams of a jump the shark moment. As if the writers felt they'd shocked us with everything else, why not go here. I just don't buy that this has been in the works since early on as one of the writers or the showrunner said in an interview last year. Something along the lines of Deb always having these feelings and that's why she'd dated the men she had. That all felt like a half assed excuse to try and shove a storyline that they were sure was going to shock and intrigue us, down our unhappy throats.

Add to all of that the way Deb found out was so anti-climatic in my opinion. I think many of us talked about it last season too, how we were on the edge of our seats more during the almost reveal in season 5, than we were last winter.
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