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Jun 12 2012, 09:04 PM
I fucking love the look of the house. BB should be ashamed at what they've given us. Seriously. The BB house is atrocious compared to this LOL. This house reminds me of the UK and Australian versions with amazing modern houses.
The US house has always been shit and lazy.

Untill the channel move last year, the UK house would be completely redesigned for every season. Not just a paint job and a theme like the US one. Some years the bathroom would be outside, one year the kitchen and bathroom bits were scattered all over the house (the oven was in the bedroom, the bathtub in the living room), the main seating area would switch from being inside the mainhouse to being a semi-attached room in the yard, pool / no pool (though there's pretty much always been a pool ever since that one housemate thought she got pregnant after having sex in the pool)
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