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I voted Kris out of protest because of how Allison was treated with the whole Danny/Adam lovefest. Allison was not who "they" wanted to win, so they destroyed her every chance they got. Glad Kris snuck through and stole it from their chosen one.

I loved Fantasia. She's not everyone's cup of tea, but she's a winner who knows how to work an audience. "Summertime" is still one of the best live performances on this show, in my opinion. And considering her competition at the final 4, yeah she deserved it. Plus, that season was all about the "diva." Whoever the last one standing was out of Latoya, Jennifer, and Fantasia, they were destined to win.

And are we sure it is 11 year old girls voting for these "pretty boys"? I have my doubts. I'd add another 30 or so years to that age and I think we got the demographic still watching and spamming votes for cookie cutter winners.
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