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Jun 11 2012, 09:07 PM
I posted 1997 Disc 1 ;) !
you amazing of uploading all these clips :hail: i can not wait for rest you will upload :cloud9:

btw its 1997 here not 1996


January 6
In the hospital Marlena spots Kristen in Laura's room on the phone and walks in and demands to know who she's talking to. Marlena grabs the phone from Kristen and asks who's on the phone but Kristen hangs up on her. Marlena asks who was on the phone and when Kristen says it was a friend of Laura's Marlena calls her a liar and she reminds Kristen she will expose her once the baby's born. Kristen attacks Marlena for going at her when she should really be concerned about her daughters who's fighting for her life downstair
Marlena comes out of the OR and is grief stricken. Austin thinks Sami has died but Marlena says she's alive but they almost lost her. Marlena begins to feel guilty that Sami may never know how much she loves her and John comforts her. In the background Kristen watches with hate and says that once a she and John are married nobody will come between them. All of the sudden Laura shows up in the waiting room and says she has to tell them that Kristen is a liar and a fraud. Marlena asks Laura what she is talking about and Laura says she knows things about Kristen and that she has to expose the lies and deceit. Just as Laura says "Kristen is not..." she goes down but John manages to catch her. Everyone thinks she has past out but Marlena realizes that Laura was actually sleep walking! Marlena takes Laura back to her room and John wonders why she would say those thing about Kristen and Kristen suggests that it was probably because she was the first person she saw when she woke up on Christmas. As they talk Lexie comes into the room to get Marlena, the doctor wants the family together to talk to them

i can give date to anything you want
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