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I don't really care that Elena was 'forced in'. HOWEVER, they should have said she came around the time the show was off the air. I'd have bought it more, but I really didn't even think much about her history after the first few minutes. Meh. A minor sticking point. I love how the characters are all 'grey'. They are all interesting to me. The writing was SO much better than I ever expected. I really felt like Dallas never went off the air.

And about Sue Ellen? I really don't see the big gripe that she's changed. People do get over being a complete and utter mess. I really have no desire to see Sue Ellen in the gutter again. I felt they REALLY bled it to death in the old series. I'm NOT liking Sue Ellen as this happy do-gooder though. I want more of an edge. A fight out of her. Tell us HOW she became so powerful. I also choose to believe Sue Ellen's probably a total mess behind closed doors. She can't be this put together. There has to be more to her. But, I doubt we will ever see Sue Ellen the drunkard again. I do want it brought up and maybe even have her tempted again. I just don't think Linda Gray will ever play that Sue Ellen again so I'm forcing myself not to dwell on it. I'm just glad she's a part of it.
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