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I started getting into it when JR spoke to John Ross. It added spice. I also really liked Christopher. Haven't decided about John Ross yet. I mean, it's clear he's a backstabber with a big agenda, but he still has a lot to learn. He got schooled a couple of times. However, he did pull a fast one on his daddy, didn't he? He's a bundle of potential, despite his youth.

Christopher's a good guy, like Bobby. A core of honor there, but no pushover. Elena really loves him. John Ross asked her to spy for him, but ultimately, she didn't reveal what Christopher had told her. She kept that secret, even though Christopher thought she was the one who told.

Who sent the email? My money's on Rebecca's brother or Rebecca herself.

What I'm not sure I like is that in the old show, even when Bobby and JR fought, you KNEW that they cared about each other and they respected their parents. They'd fight terribly and JR would take advantage of Bobby...but he'd reveal that Bobby mattered in other moments. Christopher really respects Bobby, but I'm not sure John Ross respects either of his parents.

When John Ross revealed that he wanted Miss Ellie declared mentally incompetent, JR didn't blink. I'd think he wouldn't want his Mama characterized that way. I'd think he'd have said something about that. Family was important to JR...He just had the weirdest way of showing it when there was a deal to be made. <g>

I'd also like to see some affection between John Ross and Christopher at some point, like I did with JR and Bobby, so that things aren't simple sometimes and they're both conflicted at times.
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