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I agree. I would have liked a different actor as Christopher HOWEVER, Jesse Metcalfe REALLY surprised me. I like him in the role, even if he is wrong for the character. Same for Josh Henderson. I love how desperate John Ross is to be the top dawg but he's still just too young to realize.

JR schooled him at every turn and I loved it. I also don't blame John Ross for not being close to his parents. JR was 'depressed' over who knows how long and Sue Ellen was a hot mess when he was a kid and sent him away as a teenager.

However, they say John Ross went to boarding school so how did he "grow up" with Christopher and Elena? Really? Minor nitpick I guess. I think we're to assume until they were teenagers, however ... we saw them as kids LOL. Whatever.

It really bugged me that JR just let John Ross file that court document that said Miss Ellie was senile. Why wouldn't he just outright slap his son right there for that? Granted, JR never let family get in the way of business, but really ...

Those were my sticking points lol and I'm like REALLY nitpicking.

I loved it. I thought it was a great relaunch of Dallas and I'm so happy with the results. The writing was far better than I imagined. Production was great. I didn't hate any of the casting they did. I know some aren't sold on Brenda Strong but I like her as Ann. I do. I dont think she and Duffy have any romantic chemistry but I buy that they love each other. Ann has a lot of potential.
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