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Jun 14 2012, 10:20 AM
I've been debating whether this has anything to do with the reunion movies or not. IMO, this could very well be just a continuation of the TV series, ignoring the movies (much like H20 was a sequel of Halloween 1 & 2, ignoring 3+). OR I've also heard that it's a "reboot" sequel that only picks & chooses what parts of the original series continues as cannon (i.e. until the mention it specifically on Dallas 2.0, it may or may not have actually happened even if we saw it on Dallas 1.0).
I think this show is pretty much being written as if the reunion movies never happened, which (at least in the case of J.R. Returns) annoys me no end.

What I'm really wondering is if J.R. and Bobby's other children from the later years of the series (James, Lucas, J.R.'s baby with Cally) will ever come into play....not that I necessarily ever need to see James again.
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