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Jennifer Hudson was in Fantasia's season but finished 8th. She was probably the strongest competition to Fantasia that season, but I could see similar people voting for them.

David Cook's season had a couple of people that were strong and should have gone farther than they did. But there was a ton of early push for David Archuletta that others got lost in the shuffle. I know for me I was voting for David, Carly and Michael Johns and would have been happy with anyone of them getting to the finals. I personally lean more to the rock style and each of them leaned that way as well. David Cook might have had more of the mothers, but David Archuletta had the daughters. David Cook was just able to get others to vote for him as well.

David Cook hasn't been as successful just because of the state of music today. Both of his albums are good, but it just isn't the type of music that is big now.
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