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Jun 15 2012, 12:07 PM
Days ratings are fascinating. You could call it Stefano. Or you could call it Gabi and the stalker, right? Or Dan/Nicole/Rafe baby hijinks? I wonder which one TPTB are going to go with.

We may know all day long that Stefano being the evil bastard he is, and getting his due, will spike ratings, but what do TPTB think?

I'll tell you what I have learned the hard way over the last decade or so....the absolute IDIOTS that have the power over this show consistantly back the wrong horse.

So while we know the reason for the bump, they will interpret what they want from it, and use it for their agenda. Its piss poor, but a sad reality. I have NO faith in those assinine clowns, and no one should. They stopped getting it right years ago, and they will never learn to reason well again.
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Ratings for the Week of June 4-8 · General Daytime News