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Agree they need to start writing real stories with beginning/middle/end...and stories of real depth. I think they need to show some nice social relevant stories. The best story they had going this past year was Will coming out, even if they missed the beat on a lot of it especially leaving Sonny and his family out of it. So they should use what's working and expand. I'd like to see a nice gay hate story that encompasses the entire cast and one that finally shows Sonny as the central character instead of just being Will's side kick. Then some other type of meaty story.

Stop putting couples together in two seconds. Show some actual build up. I am all for some hot sex but not when it's with those same contrived couples and that's all we see from those couples.

Stop the constant bed hopping and show some real romance for all couples. I realize if couples were together all of the time it would be boring but it's way out of hand right now. Can we see some happy couples for a while...EJ/Nicole, Sami/Lucas, Bo/Hope, Sonny/Will, Justin/Adrienne.

Get rid of useless characters like Gabi, Rafe, Daniel and Billie.

Show friendships again, especially with the younger characters. And show families together.

Stop using the same characters front and center 5 days a week. Spread the air time. No one character/couple should be on more than 2-3 days a week.

Get rid of the entire 20 something scene except for Sonny, Will and Abby. Bring on a new guy for Abby. Or is she related to Blake B's character? If not, maybe they would work together. And then bring on a couple of other characters that have ties to main families...maybe Alex and another female

Bring back Nadia B and Kyle Lowder and ditch current Brady. Then possibly bring back Phil and go with Brady/Chloe/Phil triangle.

If they are going to use more of Justin and Adrienne, they should cast Alex since he would be tied to a main family.

If they don't plan on keeping Lucas with Sami, bring on Lucas's ex fiance.

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