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Some Nicole and Jennifer rivalry culminating with Nicole eventually telling Jennifer what precious Daniel did for her test results and then Jennifer (now working for the hospital again in some conveniently influential position) having Daniel fired. Jennifer has to confront her feelings for Daniel and how she keeps falling for scummy men at 100 MPH.

Gabi and Rafe leave. They're so uninspiring that I can't even think of a vague idea as to how. Just, go.

Hope as the top cop in town. It's time for there to be a woman cop in charge, and Roman is useless to this show. Abe and Hope would be a nice team. Kill Roman off in some heroic undertaking involving Caroline, drop them both. Good Brady scenes could come out of that.

Bring back Jack and for the love of god give him his money back. Have him shake it up with Kate again, use Kate in an actual corporate capacity. You can toss in Victor and whatever progeny he's got around him atm too, and Julie.

Kristen and EJ go toe to toe for control of the Dimera empire.

If the show survives past 2013, bring back Bill Horton and tell all that multi-general drama that's there in his brood. Laura and Mike too. Abby and Stephanie could have such great stuff come from that.

Make Sami a supporting character again. That's what she does best.

Shawn/Belle/Phillip. I don't know if they can find the chemistry ala JKJ/MM again but if they can, it's gold. The high school sweetheart vs the dark suave businessman, it should write itself.

Nothing very specific, but whatever stories I'd tell I'd just make them less wacky and incredulous and more contemporary, relevant and meaningful. If you think someone would be embarrassed summarizing a storyline to their coworker at lunch, don't tell that story.
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