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Jun 17 2012, 08:26 PM

After Lexie`s memorial service, Jennifer and Jack have a heart to heart.
(Jack and Jen Horton House, Jennifer has just made coffee, & Jack is standing at the fireplace, looking at a photo of Jack, Jen, JJ & Abigail)

Jennifer: Jack are you okay? I know that Lexie's memorial couldn't have been easy for you.
Jack: (thinking back to visions of Lexie lying in the casket & flashes back to some horrific memories of his Afghanistan capitivity)
Jennifer: Jack! ....Jack!
Jack: Sorry, I was lost in thought... about Abe losing Lexie....mmmm... about Afghanistan
Jennifer: Yes, my heart was breaking for Abe today and I know Afghanistan was just awful. Jack, I read your book and I can't imagine what it was like for you in that cave... I mean losing...... I mean when others were being ... were killed.
Jack: Jennifer, I don't want to think about it. Not today. Not right now.
Jennifer: (feeling guilty) Abe is going through hell today... he lost Lexie. Jack, I need to tell you that the whole time you were gone, I never thought you were in trouble, that you needed me. Jack you could have been killed and I would never have known how much you still loved me! (upset and crying over the thought of losing Jack)
Jack: Jennifer, I didn't die... I came back. (Thinks about what Jennifer said & doesn`t know what else to say, he is slightly on edge) Really, Jennifer! After everything that we've been through, and you know our life hasn't been easy, you thought I just walked away and stopped loving you?
Jennifer: (upset) Jack... I thought... I thought you left me. You didn't! I know....
Jack: (Tries to console Jennifer) Jennifer, it was not your fault, you are not responsible for what happened to me.
Jennifer: I could have, I should have come looking for you. How can you.... (sniffling) how can you forgive me? Jack, I gave up on... us...... on you.
Jack: Jennifer.... I love you. I never gave up on us.... or on you.
Jennifer: Jack, when you came back.....you needed me...I wasn't there.
Jack: I know.
Jennifer: You know?
Jack: Yes, I know. What did you want me to do, leave again?
Jennifer: No! Off course not....I.. everything was so confusing.
Jack: Confusing? It wasn't to me....I needed you... I needed you to be there for me.
Jennifer: I know... you needed me.. and I was with ...(quielty says Daniel)...Jack, I'm so sorry.
Jack: Sorry? Sorry for what? Sorry for being with him? Sorry for loving him? or Sorry for not being there for me? Which one Jennifer? What are you sorry for?
Jennifer: (upset & but getting angry) Jack, I thought were.... why do we have to discuss this, again?
Jack: Again, Jennifer, I don't think we discussed this before, not like this...
Jennifer: Jack, what did you expect me to do? I was hurt and confused.
Jack: What about me? I was hurt and confused. I came home to you.... you and Abigail.. I thought... I thought you'd.....be
Jennifer: You thought what Jack? You thought, I be waiting for you?
Jack:.......yes.... yes, I thought you would have known....or felt something.... you know... we are connected. I felted so connected (getting angy). In the cave... you saved me!
Jennifer: I'm so sorry Jack. When you were gone.... I just didn't feel.... I didn't know...
Jack: You should have known, I would have known.....I would have trusted...
Jennifer: You don't trust me?
Jack: I didn't say that. I mean... How am I suppose to feel. Jennifer you treated me like a leper, you made feel.... I stood there watching you kiss and hug your loverboy.
Jennifer: ... That's, that's not fair...Jack.. you don't understand.
Jack: Understand? What the hell was I suppose to understand? You were.... are in love with someone else... Not something a husb...man wants to come home to.
Jennifer: Jack, we can't have this conversation.
Jack: No, you can't have this conversation. I think it's long over due. We never talk about it... we just pretend everything is all right..... and... and it.... I don't want...
Jennifer: Jack, we are together, you want what I want..
Jack: No, Jennifer, all I know is that HE DIDN'T want you!
Jennifer: Jack, I told you before.... I want you, I want our family!
Jack: I know what you told me and I wanted that too. That is all I ever wanted.
Jennifer: And now...what do you want now? You are tempted to leave right? Be a bigshot writer, travel and go on your booktour......
Jack: Jennifer, what are you talking about? I told you that I'd never leave...
Jennifer: I know what you told me... but I don't believe...
Jack: Me? I think I've heard enough.... I can't keep telling you.... trying to prove to you that I am different now, that I've changed. You..... don't know me....no..no. maybe I don't know you!
Jennifer: Jack....(lost for words).... I don't know what you want.... expect from me?
Jack: It's not hard Jennifer, It's not hard to figure that out. I may be a complicated man, but from the first day I met you, you always knew that all I ever wanted was YOU!
Jennifer (crying & distant from Jack's embrace)..... I know! I know what you want. I....I...I
Jack: You know, You alway knew... and now.. now things are different...
Jennifer: Don't day that Jack! Things are not... different
Jack: Well, they sure as hell are not the same!! I am here and you are.......
Jennifer: Jack don't say it! Don't!
Jack: Jennifer, somebody has to say it....Jennifer..... You love me, but you want to be with him!
Jennifer: (sobbing) Jack.... don't!.... please! ...stop!
Jack: I can't pretend anymore.... we've been together these few months and the closest I can get from you is a cuddle and kiss. We live in the same house, but in seperate bedrooms!
Jennifer: I told you, I needed time.
Jack: Time! What the hell do you need time for? Either you love me and want to be with me or you don't. I have been patient before (refers to rape), when you needed time, but I don't need time... I just need you!
Jennifer: Jack, that's, that's ....(she can't say anything.. she looks at him, straight in the eye, looks away, Jack I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!
Jack: Don't be sorry, not anymore! I don't need pity or sorry or anything from you! The fact that I am standing here, and you there, tells me everything I need to know.
QUICK someone send this to TomSell.

EXCELLENT :hail: :hail:
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