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I would immediately put an end to all of these relationship fanbase wars. There would be no more of this EJole vs. EJami vs. Lumi vs. Safe nonsense. Sides will be chosen and they will be made permanent.

I would have characters start acting their age. Those characters near or around AARP card age would start acting that way. Those characters around college age would start acting that way. Those characters with children would start acting older and more maturely than their kids.

I would never bring back a previous character not currently on the show unless it was just a one day guest appearance for a wedding or a funeral or a holiday event. Fans have an idealized vision in their heads about the magnificence and benefit of having these characters on the show and their returns always disappoint and fans become even more jaded and disillusioned.

I would balance the show. No character would be on the show more than three times a week and every character would be on at least two times a week.

I would immediately make Sami and EJ start supporting other characters and stories instead of driving their own stories. This would continue for several months.

I would create at least two, if not three, new male characters in the 25-35 range, with one of them pointed towards a romance with Kate.

I would create a few new female characters in the 25-35 range, with one of them becoming a full-fledged rival for Sami.

I would make Rafe have an accident where he loses the ability to speak. He is at his best when he stands around and looks pretty without ever opening his mouth.

I would give Sonny some sort of personal life. No more of this gay in theory but not in reality nonsense. In a similar vein, I would hire an openly gay actor to portray an openly gay character on this show.

I would keep Stefano dead or turn him into a zombie. There would be no more of this rising from the dead stuff for him apart from the possible zombie story.

I would SORAS Sami's three youngest kids about 5-8 years and give them school age appropriate stories and start making Sami be a mother to her kids for a change. I would SORAS Theo so that he is the same age as Allie's new age.

I would bring on a new, older woman for Roman. I may not care for him; but he deserves a relationship just as much as everyone else.

I would write a long term Alzheimer's story for one of the show's older characters.

I would have EJ mentor Chad into living up to his DiMera bloodline.

I would write Nicole as the scheming, diva/bitch she should always be. She should make Sami's life as miserable as possible.

I would strip Daniel of his medical license and make him become a drunken panhandler in the town square.

I would reignite the DiMera-Kiriakis rivalry between EJ/Chad and Brady/Sonny with Will caught in the middle.

I would start writing women as smart instead of pathetic and always needing a man. I'd also write a woman living a full life without needing a man in it.

That's enough for now.
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