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That Jack/Jen scene would never happen, but SO should.

I would have Stefano dead and have someone big the killer, but obviously escape justice for one reason or another. Not as a cop out, but as a transition to more drama. Have it be EJ and have Chad and him clash. Buils the story EJ's paternity. Have Will caught in the middle of that a bit. And stop this nonsense with Will wanting to please EJ. Have him wanting to hurt EJ, but maybe he stops and has to think because of Johnny and Sydney. And maybe he has a little thing for EJ, a man he hates, bringing in some more of that self-loathing.

Or have it be Marlena, or Lexie, and whoever is left behind having to deal with it. Change relationships based on Stefano's death.

Leading up to this exit for Jack with Jennifer coming to terms with what she has done to Jack over the years. Realizing that she needs a man in her life because of Bill and her daddy issues and her inability to be faithful and hold out hope for Jack because of the instability both her and Jack have brought to the relationship out of fear. Have losing Jack be so devastating and her having to fight the ability to move on quickly. Have her question Jack's death and wanting to look for him a la Bo after Hope died in the cage. Have her loved ones ground her. Build a story of family love between Hope and Jennifer.

Kill Bo off in an explosive way and have Hope have to deal with being a widow for the first time. Have her sell the Brady house and move in with Jennifer at the Horton house. Bring on JJ and have them raise their kids together. SORAS Ciara enough to give her some rebelliousness and JJ can have some too. Have tension derive from Jen's inability to stay away from Daniel after Jack's death. bring a push and pull into Jen and Hope's relationship. Perhaps bring in JT at some point.

Reveal Andrew to be Andrew Donovan and have Marlena treat him. Bring Kim and Shane in for short arcs to deal with their son's mental illness. Bring in Jeannie. Explore Andrew with Abby, who becomes fascinated with Andrew because Laura's mental illness and Jack's PTSD.

Along with Ciara and the addition of JJ, age Theo a bit and have him deal with the aftermath of his mom's death. Build a story around Abe having to come out of retirement to provide for Theo and dealing with all this grief with Theo's autism and exploring his DiMera roots.

Keeping Stefano off and Ian gone, have Roman sniff around Kate again. Make Kate a legit businesswoman again. Bring her back to Titan (I assume she kind of already is but whatever) Get rid of Billie. Keep Carrie and Austin off. Use Eric at Titan. Perhaps even have him as an ISA agent with his photography career as a cover. Give Nicole her career back. Have her and Kate butting heads. Lucas and Sami can play here, too.

Have Rafe take the fall for some of the compromised business the SPD has done over the years. Have Roman retire. Keep Hope at the cop shop but bring in some fresh blood. John can consult.

Have Brady losing Madison have a profound effect on Brady. Have it be like John losing Isabella or Mike losing Margo. It becomes something that is constantly part of him. Have him break off on his own away from Titan or Basic Black and run his own business.

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