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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Keep Ej in ONE storyline MAX and have him as the villain that succeeds Stefano....bring ED as Kristen back to try to fight him for the empire....Stefano should return only for a short period of time to pit Kristen against Ej and then he should die permanently.

Bring Jack back and have him romance Kristen....just because Jen did his brother many years ago...

Write Sami true to character, scheming and making people's lives miserable. She should love one man at a time and not have her be this fickle woman who seems to get turned on by making stew...GMAFB

Bring the Moronis as the next big villain family in Salem...build them up to be ruthless and have some female characters

Either write Sami and Lucas the way they use to be in 03/04 or bring on Lucas' fiancee (or another woman) and make this one person truly love Lucas with all her heart and soul. Have her have a connection to the Moronis which puts her life in danger, so that LUcas needs to save her.....write a deep love story and bring Sami into it when she finally thinks that LUcas has had enough of her shit.....and she's lost him forever.

Have Eric begin to raise Nicole and EJ's kid but Ej has issues with it and sues Nicole for sole custody.

SORAS Johnny, and Allie into pre-teens and have them react to in school chatter about Will being gay....since he's related to virtually all of these kids it'll be interesting to see them cope with grade school kids saying shit about him to them. Maybe soras Ciara, Theo and Syd too....who cares...let them all be around the same age.

Kate starts romancing the next big villain guy in Salem (whether it's Stefano or a Moroni head or what not)....then bring back Bill Horton and have him mix it up with her.....have the Moroni guy tell Lucas that if he doesn't find a way for his folks to end that his kids, Sami and Autumn will be in great danger.....Lucas tells Sami that the kids might be in danger...but as both try to protect them something happens at an event and Lucas needs to choose who to rescue after his kids....he chooses....Autumn...and Sami then starts to wonder if she means anything to him anymore....she begins to relive their life and becomes determined to fight Autumn for him....she crashes their wedding...

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