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I'd completely rebuild the mid-late 20's generation. I'd recast Chelsea if Rachel Melvin was willing to return. Same with Stephanie if Shelley Hennig weren't willing to return (and I wouldn't blame either one of them). Max can stay in London for the time being since his attraction to his nieces never went over well. Keep Blake Berris around and recast Jeremy. Those four would be the major focus. No triangles, just old school relationship stories focusing on internal conflicts. Interlopers are acceptable, but interlopers aren't triangles. Abby would also be part of this group and Cameron could be as well, although I have no strong feelings about them as a couple. These couples would be my equivalent of Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, Kim/Shane.

I don't hate Chad and I like Sonny and Will, so they can all stick around, but Gabi needs to go. I'd kind of SORAS Chad a bit (but not necessarily recast) and maybe have him find out about EJ not being a DiMera and have him try to stake a claim to the family business. Being young and naive, he'd get slapped around a bit and maybe seek some help from someone like Victor (who sees an opening to exploit). Or, even better, maybe Kristen comes back and is secretly helping Chad. I know it sounds like I'm building a story around Chad, but I'm mostly seeing this as being about EJ and whoever is pulling Chad's strings. Chad's just the front.

Sonny and Will can be Frankie and Jennifer, just slightly older. ;-)

If I could really do whatever I wanted, I'd get rid of the entire 30's group except EJ and Nicole. Not because I want them together. EJ could go back to being sweevil. Nicole could be involved with Brady and the recast Eric. Sami and Rafe could live happily ever after or not, as long as it's off my screen. Daniel would leave with Melanie. I actually don't hate the character, but I'm not sure he's redeemable with the audience. Billie would also be gone unless Julie Pinson was willing to come back. I'd bring back Shawn, Belle, and Philip to fill in some of the gaps. I know they aren't all supposed to be of the same generation, but I'd still do it that way.

For the vets, I'd bring back Mike re-SORASed and float a Mike/Kayla friendship/potential romance. I'd actually ship Jennifer off with Jack because I'm out of any ideas of what to do with her. I'd let Hope mourn for Bo (since I presume they will kill him off) and then somewhere down the line, I'd explore a new relationship for her. I've got no issues with John and Marlena at this point. I'd let Marlena work more and have John still working with the ISA (maybe bring back Shane for occasional visits and adventures). The vets would be primarily supporting for their kids, but also get occasional stories of their own. But mostly, I'd use them to build those family/friends relationships that make the show feel like Days.

I'm sure there is more to be done, but that's a start.
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