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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Jun 17 2012, 09:19 PM
Get rid of Sami first and foremost. I'd also get rid of Jennifer.

Get decent soap writers.

Give Judi and Wally contracts and feature Justin and Adrienne on a regular basis with frontburner SLs along with Sonny.

Bring back Jack with a new hot love interest in tow.

I'd have Nicole tell Ej the truth and have Ej deliver their baby. They eventually reunite and continue to scheme against the good citizens of Salem. I'd also have Nicole have a job at a fashion or cosmetics industry. I'd bring back Chloe to interact with her as well.

I'd have Kristen come back to try and make claims to Stefano's estate, where her and Ej clash.

I'd also bring Autumn on for Lucas and give him a frontburner SL as well.
Oh, I agree with everything you said but the bolded part is a must for me. After everything that EJ has done and he's done a lot, that man still deserves to deliver his baby or at least be there when it happens. No man should have 3 children and never have gotten the chance to witness the birth and all that entails. I actually would love to see Nicole be somewhere besides a hospital (I'm sick of that hospital) when she goes into labor. EJ has to deliver the baby and when the baby is in EJ's arms, Nicole goes into septic shock from losing so much blood and the race is on for him to get her help. Where's the damn drama in this show? I want drama and I want to scream at my tv for my favorite characters like I used to.
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