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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

Ahh Lysie did I ever tell you how I love you for creating some wonderful threads :D

I am going to go all out, so bare with me, it is going to be a long analysis.

Part one

The teen scene- I really want to see something new and refreshing for this age group. I know the popular answer is to just kill them off but I think they have great potential. First I want to see Cameron and Abby relationship surface into greater heights.I do not want the writers to go the predictable route: Abby turns out pregnant....NO!, someone cheats.......NO!. Okay now that we got that out the way. I want their relationship to blossom but I want to see Cameron turn verbally abusive to her. Okay here is why I want to see that ( besides the fact that I think Kate will do a great job). Abby tries to console Cameron on the loss of Lexi, but he does not want her feeling sorry for her. He wants to remain strong but she is persistent to help, he soon grows tiresome and verbally insults her. It almost turns physical, but Abby escapes and seeks help....to be continued.

- I want to see Chad turn to drugs because the loss of his Father. I really want him high off every drug know to man,first he does it secretly but then he is out in public. Contrary to what many people think on here, I really think Casey is an amazing actor, if given the chance. Okay back to my story.... Gabby is finally going to Chad by default because he thinks that Melanie does not want to be with him anymore. Gabby also is going to try to get him off drugs but he is going to get upset at her. His dimera roots are going to be shown full blow. :rockon: . Chad gets so tired of Gabby nagging that he plans to kill her, he strategically plans how he is going to do it. First he is going to lock her in the Dimera basement. He is going to have a 20 min bomb in the basement. She can die at any moment, and while her family is out searching for her, Chad acts surprised that she is missing....Getting good? well to be continued... :P

The Horton family- Lucas, Maggie and Victor all three have a powerful story. Lucas is getting upset that he is not spending time alone with his son Will, causing Maggie to blow up- warning him that Will has a life with Sonny now. Lucas becomes agitated, finally confessing that he had enough of Sonny. Victor threatens Lucas to either shut his trap or he is going to shut it for him. Lucas turns darker and darker, promising to take matters in his hands, ya know the drill.....to be continued. ;)

The Carver family- Abe is going to spend a lot time with Theo, trying to get him so to understand the death of his family. Kayla frequently visits him to support him, but Abe does not want any relationship at the moment. Kayla is offended and insulted, telling him that Lexi will want him to move on and not sit around and pout all day. Abe tells her that Theo is the most important person right now, leaving Kayla alone and desperate. Offended at Abe's rejection, she kidnaps Theo, promising to start a family with him, with or without Abe...OOJ JUICY!...to be continued.

Daniel patient story- Daniel is going to become really sick, almost deadly sick. All of the female patients that Daniel has ever worked on, vows to take care of him. They want to pay him back for all the help that he showed them when he was under their care. Daniel is lying in the hospital bed, fighting for his life. The woman( Kate, Nicole,Chelsea- she also returns)- all stab Daniel in the chest, leaving a who's the murder story? This will be about two months in a story frame, who is the murderer and why they murdered him will come to play in the future weeks. It will not be a typical murder mystery either, it is going to be planned out, with all the action and drama

Bope/Rafe- I know some of you are probably thinking "why in the world are you including Rafe in there, but here me out. Now I know this is not a popular opinion but I always thought that Rafe and Hope will be hot together. Now this does not mean that I want to see Hope jumping Rafe bones, that will be a huge no. On the other hand, I do want her to spend after hours with him, :makeout: and I don't mean working on papers either. Bo jealousy arises, leading him to do some drastic things.....to be continued.

Ejami- Ej is going to have a womanizer story, but Sami is going to disguise herself as one of the "new woman". Once Ej finds out, he tells her that he plan backfired, they will start a romance but they will not be sappy. They will address every issue that was preventing them from being together. Also Johnny and Sydney will grow be soarsed. They will try to keep them together, taking a page of their book- plotting to keep them together.

* all of the characters that were not mentioned, I am going to do that on the second part. (I shall finish tomorrow).

These are just the main stories right now, I am sure most of you probably hate these ideas, but I am use to it ;)

Again Lysie thanks for this marvelous thread.

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