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Definitely less EJ. Don't get me wrong, James Scott is a great actor, but EJ is on simply way too much.

Turn Sami back into a bitch. Soccer-mom Sami is just no fun, she needs to go back to scheming and getting herself into big trouble, so that Lucas ends up hating her but then falls back in love with her. I loved it back when "Lumi" was like that! :wub:

Undo Maggie/Daniel. No need for an explanation for this.

Do a brief storyline about Daniel getting skin cancer (from excessive tanning) on his penis, after which he must have his penis surgically removed and must travel to another country to find the best prosthetic (Sorry, forgot this wasn't Passions...).

Fire Daniel, Melanie, Chad, Gabi.

Bring back Carrie, Austin, Jack, Kristen, Vivian, Chloe.

Bring back Valerie Wildman (Fay)! Have a storyline where Fay's death was faked to protect her from the DiMeras, and explore the Abe/Fay story potential that fans were robbed of back in 2003.

And I know that it can't be done because of casting and/or health problems, but I'd love to see Stephen Nichols (Steve) and Tanya Boyd (Celeste) back. Kayla just looks lonely without Steve, and though I think Beverly Todd is doing an okay job, she is NOT Celeste Perrault by any means. I miss original Celeste! :(
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