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I honestly don't want to see Sami, EJ, Nicole or Rafe backburned. Maybe Rafe. Although I honestly have started to enjoy the character once he's out of Sami and EJ's orbit. Not that I don't like Rafe and Sami, as a couple, because I really started to. I just like seeing Rafe interacting with other characters, like Bo, Hope, Roman, John, etc. It's done wonders for the character, for me. Like it or not, these characters are the characters that should be featured in leading storylines. They are the demographic that soaps are looking for. The problem is DAYS never built a strong 20-something group that turns into the expected leading 30-something group. They haven't done it in decades. The others soaps have, and that's why they're able to have leading characters that haven't been leading for 30+ years with no real storyline possibilities that are fresh and exciting anymore.

I would like to see Tomlin/Whitesell figure this out and start to truly write these characters like leading characters. No more hopping in bed with each other every few months. This is a soap opera. Fans should be yearning for a particular couple to be together and watching the roadblocks the couple must face. I know there are strong fanbases (EJami, EJole, Safe, Lumi, etc.). Instead of having these characters continue to be written horribly with no real motivation or direction, choose a couple to go with. You can do that and not totally ignore past pairings for the couple. If Tomlin/Whitesell want to go with Rafe and Sami, that's fine. But Lucas and EJ need to have roles in their lives, due to the children, not Sami's feelings for them. Sami shouldn't be having scenes fighting her feelings for EJ or Lucas, if Tomlin/Whitesell want to sell Rafe and Sami as a legit couple. The same thing can be said for any of the pairings in this group. Pick a pairing, and allow the past interactions to tell future storylines. No one has to keep going from person to person. That doesn't work. No one is interested in watching Sami in love with Rafe on Monday, kissing EJ on Wednesday and then realizing she never stopped loving Lucas on Friday.

Since Tomlin/Whitesell won't be writing for Madison or Carrie, they really need to bring in another female in that age range. Nicole and Sami cannot be the only women, especially in the group of men they have to interact with. Although it could seem fresher with Eric on his way. As much as Tomlin likes Maggie, I would like to see him finally bring Sarah on. Maggie has children. She doesn't need these faux-bonds with the younger characters the show has. If Tomlin wants her to be the new matriarch, and that's fine, make her a matriarch. Write her as a mother. To her own children, not everyone else's. Sarah's presence will allow the wealth to spread from Sami and Nicole. And the character will have true connections to the show's past, unlike Madison. Sarah would essentially be a brand new character. A blank page for Tomlin/Whitesell to create. Why this hasn't been done yet is beyond me.

That leaves us with Sami, EJ, Nicole, Rafe, Lucas, Brady, Eric and Sarah. And if Tomlin/Whitesell need to bring on a character they actually created, bring on one more female. No more males though! There are enough.

Tomlin/Whitesell need to then establish a strong 20-something group that will follow the characters I listed above in about 10 years. These characters need to be written as the possible future leading characters in a decade or so. Will and Sonny seem to be in an okay place as far as writing. I'd like to see more focus on Sonny, which it sounds like we'll get. We know Sonny has a taste for adventure from the way he talked about his time before coming to Salem. He traveled the world and did many different things. And we also know he's interested in law. He got an internship with the DA's office right before MarDar started writing and backed off from exploring the character and made him more of a supporting role for Will's story. I hope Tomlin/Whitesell go back to this. Sonny comes from a family with mob ties. Perhaps working in the DA's office puts Sonny in a tough position.

The other characters in this age group need to be defined more as well. Even Abigail, who we've known since she was born. Is she interested in journalism or forensics accounting? It's time to have this girl graduate college and enter some kind of career, whatever they choose to give her.

Tomlin/Whitesell need to give Chad and Gabi more personality if they want to keep these characters on. I would rather see both characters written off, but it doesn't seem like that would happen. And I'm fine with that. But something needs to be done if the characters are going to stay on the show. This stalker story has made Gabi interesting, but once it's over, then what? What is Gabi interested in besides guys? What degree is she going for? What does she want to do after college? We know nothing. Same goes for Chad. Yes, he's worked for whatever kind of business the DiMeras run. (Don't even get me started on "DiMera Enterprises.") Who is his best friend? Will or Sonny? Are Chad and Sonny even friends still? Did something happen that pulled them apart? They started to become rather close. I know that it's probably just a fault of MarDar's. Forgotten bonds certain characters have. Tomlin/Whitesell could use this, though, to tell a story for these characters. Have Sonny and Chad bump into each other and have one of them wonder why they stopped hanging out. It could be more than just being busy. Both come from rival families. Perhaps that could come into play as a reason. Chad just needs to be something more than the generic hunk the show has right now. That's all he is. It's a shame that Higley wrote the character with more personality. And there was barely any back then either. And why hasn't Grace ever been brought up since Chad found out about the baby switch? A lot has happened to Chad that would allow Tomlin/Whitesell to write him as interesting. They just have to do it.

As for Cameron, I like Schuyler Yancey. The character doesn't do much for me though. He comes on as Lexie's brother, just as she's about to die. Now what? This role should've been Benjamin Reardon (probably Carver by now). He could've still come on in the same way as a doctor that is concerned for Lexie's failing health. Only this time it would be a nephew concerned for his aunt, rather than a brother so concerned for a sister he only knew for two months. Yancey still could've been paired with Kate Mansi. And Benjamin being in town would allow for Jonah and Wendy to pop up, adding to the 30-something crowd. Unfortunately, this didn't happen. Yancey is Cameron, not Benjamin. If Tomlin/Whitesell decide to keep this character, I would like to see them explore his relationship with Celeste. This is a mother that kept him a secret for years. A child should have issues with that. Maybe Tomlin/Whitesell could have Cameron turning to Abigail to talk about these insecurities he has with Celeste. Celeste, who already doesn't want Abigail with Cameron, could accuse Abigail of using these problems they have to pull Cameron closer. There could be a potential good meddling mother storyline for Abigail, Cameron and Celeste.

That leaves us with Abigail, Cameron, Chad, Gabi, Will and Sonny in this age group. I don't know if it is really necessary to bring anyone else into this. Will and Sonny would need to develop a relationship before any possible interloper could come in. So adding another gay character could be possible, but it would need to happen later on down the line for it to be a real love triangle. Have Abigail and Cameron in the story I proposed above with Celeste. If Tomlin/Whitesell are going to keep Chad and Gabi on, which I would have no problem with, give them personality and pair them together. There could be conflict if Chad starts embracing his DiMera roots, especially with Rafe's feelings towards the family. Or they could have these two end up mixing up with Abigail and Cameron. The 20-somethings on the show should be the bedhoppers. Not the 30, 40, 50-somethings.

I agree with many of the posters that say the vets should be taken down to a supporting role in their children's lives. I don't think that's disrespectful at all to the time they've given this show. It's realistic. Older people's lives just aren't and shouldn't be as accepting as younger people. That's life. John and Marlena could remain featured through Sami, Brady and Will's stories. Same with Roman. Abe could remain relevant through Cameron and a potential SORASed teenage Theo. I don't mind the way Tomlin/Whitesell wrote Stefano as EJ's confidante, but he needs to remain in a consistent role. He can't want EJ to do certain things and then get on him when it's all said and done, just because EJ needs someone opposing what he's done. There are other characters for that. Kate could be featured in Lucas and Will's stories. Even EJ's if she and Stefano reunite. And could someone please remember Kate and EJ have an intimate past! Tomlin loves having Maggie be the town matriarch people come to talk to. At least having Sarah in town would give her an actual child of her own to advise. Victor would be seen through Brady, and along with Justin and Adrienne with Sonny. Jennifer would have Abigail and possible returning JJ's stories to be featured in. Hope should have Shawn back in town, especially with Bo leaving. And she could be there for SORASed Ciara.

Those are all just things I would like to see Tomlin/Whitesell get a grip on. I think it would help the show from a creative standpoint.

As for potential stories I'd like to see Tomlin/Whitesell explore...

Bo has to die. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I would find any other reason for the character off the show to be non-believable. No matter what happened, Bo would never willingly leave Hope and Ciara in Salem. To play on Bo and Hope's history, I would like to see Bo die in a classic soap death that would leave things open-ended for a potential return in the future (probably towards the finale). No body discovered. Or if there is a body recovered, have a scene, sort of like what happened to Steve in 1990 where bodies are switched. None of the characters know this, but the audience does and they know there is possibility that the character will return. It doesn't have to be treated as a joke, like most deaths on this show have become. With Bo dead, or "dead," we would get to see Hope as an individual character for the first time since she met him. Now would be the perfect time to age Ciara to a teenager. Hope needs a child, who could have a storyline of her own, to support. No one wants to see Hope moving on with someone else, at least not anytime close to the time when Bo died. A year or two later, let Hope meet someone new. However, Bo and Hope fans deserve the chance to mourn, just as much as Hope should.

I'm torn on what I want to see happen to Jack. Killing him off is probably the best idea to me. I don't want to see him abandon his family again. Not after the way Jack and Jennifer were written for the last year. Their fans don't deserve that. Not that they deserve death either, but it's better and doesn't ruin the character. If Jack does die, I want to see this really push Jennifer to the edge. With mental instability so relevant in her family, they could take her down that path and really give Melissa Reeves some good material. And perhaps a mental breakdown could be used to redeem Jennifer in many's eyes. Perhaps this breakdown was coming for a while and could explain the behavior many fans have been questioning for the last year. Jack's death is just the thing that makes it very known something isn't right. Like Ciara, now would be a good time to SORAS JJ to a teenager and have him come home. Maybe JJ coming back and lashing out at Jennifer for the time she wasted with Jack could factor into what makes Jennifer finally break. This could also give Abigail something to do as well. She finds out about her grandmother and great-grandmother's mental issues through finding out what's happening to Jennifer. This could bring back Bill and/or Laura, further adding to the supporting vets the show could use to advise the younger characters and allow fans to relive the past, while also supporting the younger characters in a way that wouldn't make fans feel like the younger characters are taking over.

I like the idea of using Madison's death (if that's what takes her off the show) as a way to parallel John and Isabella for Brady. Surely, Brady and Madison's love story doesn't compare to John and Isabella, but it would be a nice way for Tomlin/Whitesell to pay homage to the past. And it could allow John and Brady's relationship to be explored, giving John something to do, since it seems like Tomlin/Whitesell might not know what to do with the character. Have John see things Brady is experiencing and recall the way he felt when Isabella died. John could try to help Brady through this, and at first, Brady could resist any support. Maybe Brady turns to Victor for support, rather than John. That would play into John and Victor's complicated past.

I want to see Daniel written off the show. I don't even care if they reverse his family tie with Maggie. Keep him as her son. Just get rid of him and then forget about that tie, like so many other things in DAYS history that we're just supposed to forget. The same can happen to this. With Melanie gone, Daniel needs to go. I don't want to see a redux of Daniel and Jennifer. Not many do. And at this point, I feel like the character is so hated, it might be time to just cut losses. They've given him many different things to play and nothing has worked. Write him off! Why prolong misery?

I would like to see Billie off the show as well. There was a time I wished her return would bring Chelsea back. But with Bo leaving the show, I don't want to see Chelsea return anymore. And with Austin gone, Billie can go as well. Yes, she would still have Kate and Lucas for connections to the show, but is it even worth it?
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