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Keep Nicole and EJ apart - and limit EJ to one storyline, and interacting with Chandler Massey's Will. Like others have mentioned. James Scott is a very charismatic actor, but too much of a good thing turns it into a bad thing.

Have Nicole explore her independence with her new baby - insert her into a business storyline with Kate, and maybe Brady and John. (Basic Black vs. Titan, etc.)

Carltini at OLTL was really good about getting publicity at OLTL by bringing on B-list mainstream artists, which gained attention from blogs and your syndicated entertainment shows. Days is past the point of saving it's integrity. Re-open Doug's Place or Shenanigans and let New Kids on the Block perform their newest Adult Contemporary single to whatever couple is around.

Give in to what many have said - move the show away from the supercouples (as much as it pains me because I love J&M). Let them serve as the sounding boards. Give them B storylines.

Make the young'ins the focus of the show. Keep Will, Sonny, Abby and Chad. Get rid of Gabi and Dr. Cameron Davis. They are useless.

Make Kristen's Eileen Davidson return mean something. Let Kristen be the badass, bitter, vindictive puppetmaster we know she can be... Have her seek revenge on J&M for leaving her on that God forsaken island for so long... Work the relationship between her and her adopted son/adopted brother EJ. James Scott and her could be magic.

Jack Devereaux needs to come back and be given a flipping storyline. Matt Ashford is a great actor... and I'm tired of Days dicking him over time and time again.

RE-FOCUS ON FAMILY. Create new supercouples using characters we know and whose backstories we are invested in. The last great supercouple Days created was Shawn and Belle... and that's because we knew their family histories and their family drama.

And this has nothing to do with TomSell, but FIRE THE WARDROBE LADY, JAYNE MARIE KEHOE. She's horrid. Absolutely horrid. In a world where I (a female in the target demo who lacks any sort of style) notice how bad the dressing is, she needs to be gone, like yesterday.
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