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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

Part one{continued}

Continued from previous post.

The teen scene- Abby escapes from the wrath of Cameron, and talks to Jack. Jack is furious, goes to extreme lengths to make sure that Cameron never touch her. He beats him to a bloody pulp, leaving Cameron alone and beaten. In the midst of that, Jennifer tries to make things right but Jack refuses her advances. Telling her that she is pathetic and she needs to take the hike out of Salem. He encourages her to go after Daniel, but she soon finds that his lifeless body.

- Chad continues to play the victim and promises that he does not know where Gabby is. Elsewhere the bomb is about to explode in less than ten seconds. Gabby hopes to make it out alive before it is too late, she struggles to come to the realization that she may die. It is too late, the basement blew up in flames and Gabby is pronounced dead by the paramedics.

The Horton Family- Lucas schemes to break the bond that Will shares with Sonny. He soon finds romance in Arianna who later is confirmed alive, she faked her death. Victor and Maggie ends their romance, Victor saying that he does not want to put her life at risk.

Abe's story- Kayla still have Theo hostage, leaving Abe search for her frantically. Kayla calls Steve for advice, apologizing at the way she treated him, and slips out that she found love and kidnapped theo. Steve returns, trying to get through Kayla about what she has done. Steve and Kayla fall back in love and Abe leaves town with Theo, the memory of Lexi affected him to the core.

Daniel's story- The suspects of Daniel's murder is: Kate, Nicole, Chelsea and Jennifer. The person who is guilty of murdering him is Chelsea who stabbed him countless of times for sleeping around with her mother and grandmother.

Bope/Rafe- Okay forget my denial, I really want to see Rafe and Hope hit the sheets. :run: . I am not sure if anyone remember but the writers almost wrote them together. It was in the very beginning when Rafe was working with them, but of course the writers did not go there. Bo continues to fight for Hope, forcing her to choose between her and Rafe.

- Bo is going to repair his relationship with Victor, having some very emotional scenes from them both.

Ejami- Sami is going to finally confess that she always wanted Ej, there is no denial anymore. It would not be a cheesy one either, she will explain why they are a perfect match for each other. They will share a love and hate relationship, lots of anger but lots and lots of making love, mixed with betrayal, envy. Basically they are going to be working partners, lovers and business partners.
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