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Even as poorly written as this Stefano story has been, the ratings have increased, so I want TomSell to write a huge umbrella storyline involving most of the cast.

Some Basic Tidbits About The Story
** Would revolve around Kristen and Peter Blake's biological father returning to avenge his children
** Kristen would be reintroduced
** EJ turns out to be the son of John and Kristen
** Marlena, Jennifer, Nicole and Sami all kidnapped. Sami will be presumed dead for awhile leading into the next big story
** Bo would die in the rescue mission
** At the end Stefano revealed to be alive, setting up a battle between He and the Blake Patriarch.
** Nicole gives birth but the baby is kidnapped, however did Mr. Blake kidnap the child or was it EJ himself. This will cause some drama for Ejole.
** Eric, Shawn, Belle, Phillip, and Chloe return for Bo's Funeral
** Belle has big secret setting off another story for the late 20s/30s group. Belle discovers that Phillip's son Tyler was her child instead of Mimi's causing tension for Shelle and recently reunited Phloe.

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