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First, sit down a do a damn storyline bible like Bill Bell, Sheri Anderson, or JER. Actually know what you want done in the next two years.

FIRST: Older Set

Break up Victor and Maggie after he has an affair with a newly arrived Vivian. Not instantly mind you. I would also make it clear that Viv slowly plotted all of this, and I may even have her drug Vic ala Sami/Austin. Vivian plots to make sure Maggie finds them. I would even make it a party so everyone could see the fallout. I'd then move Maggie back into snarky supporting status running her Chez rouge and gossiping about the goings on in Salem. I may do a Vic and Maggie reunion at some point, but highly doubt it. I would then have an enraged victor going after Vivian.

Stefano would remain evil. His relationship with Kate would hit the skids once Billie found out too much bad info on Stefano, and Stefano has her killed via auto accident. I would stretch it out so Kate wouldn't know for a while. Once it came out, I would love to see both Kate and Marlena plot his downfall together, once the storyline below is over. Kate returns to work for Victor, and there are sparks, but she tries to ignore it.

Kristen returns with Stefano in the fall and states that her days as a slave changed her. She acts happy for John and Marlena, but secretly she works with Stefano. EJ knows not to trust her, considering how she did his mother. Kristen wants to slowly poison Marlena in order to exact revenge and remove her from John's life. Marlena, with her radio show back on the sir, starts making inappropriate comments and everyone thinks the stress of everything is making her come undone. EJ knows better, but can't prove anything. Just as John is about to figure everything out, he is told Vivian has wormed her way into Basic Black as a stock holder and is doing business with terror orginaztions. He leaves town and ask Abe to keep and eye on her. While gone, Kristen poisons Marlena into a coma. Once John lands in Italy to get to the bottom of it all, he is held prisoner, and realized it was all a set up. Stefano, Kristen, and Vivian come to say hello to John in his cell, as Marlena hangs between life and death.

I'll finish the rest later, lol.....gotta go to the doc.
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