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Jun 12 2012, 09:58 PM
Jun 12 2012, 04:53 AM
I just don't buy that this has been in the works since early on as one of the writers or the showrunner said in an interview last year. Something along the lines of Deb always having these feelings and that's why she'd dated the men she had. That all felt like a half assed excuse to try and shove a storyline that they were sure was going to shock and intrigue us, down our unhappy throats.
They can't be seriously trying to claim this. This show's changed show runners like people change underwear.

Dexter never topped it's amazing first season, IMO.
I wish I could remember where the interview was done. I think the link was posted here in last season's discussion thread. I know I saw it though, because I vividly remember yelling at my computer screen when I read it. LOL.

I genuinely enjoy season's 1-4. I actually didn't enjoy season 3/was kind of bored by it, but after rewatching it in marathon of the first four seasons, I don't mind it as much. Season 5 had it's moments, but ugh, 6 was the worst.
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