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Monday ("Hiding the Truth")
Will learns something important about EJ; Sami is furious when she learns Carrie is expecting.

Tuesday ("Sonny Worries About Will")
Sonny is deeply worried about Will; EJ refuses to take a lie-detector test; Carrie and Austin hear their baby's heartbeat.

Wednesday ("The Power Struggle")
Will gets the upper hand on EJ; Gabi learns that Andrew has been holding Melanie against her will.

Thursday ("Andrew's Plan")
Gabi is faced with an impossible decision; Brady believes Ian is the source of his troubles; Cameron gets some good news.

Friday ("Nicole and Daniel's Relationship")
Daniel refuses to be Nicole's second choice; Carrie struggles to keep her mind off of Rafe.

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Will finds the document that holds EJ's secret.
-Sami accuses Carrie of sleeping with Rafe.
-Sonny is concerned about Will's association with EJ.
-Carrie and Austin hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby.
-Andrew catches Melanie after she tries to escape again.
-Ian has proof that Brady is lying.

**UPDATED 6/26**

Spoilers for the week of 7/2

Changing positions.

Rafe and Spencer realize they canít directly confront EJ about their suspicions so Rafe simply dares Elvis to take a lie detector test. After the cops leave, William shows up and finds his boss acting frazzled. When EJ leaves him alone, Will discovers the paternity test sticking out of its hiding spot and actually reads it this time. He shoves it in his pocket as EJ returns and reminds him that heís the top in their relationship. Will wanders off, sticks the evidence in a safe and then returns to Casa DiMera to tell EJ their relationship is about to change. He reveals that he knows he is not Stefanoís legitimate heir and holds all of the proof to out him. He demands that EJ give him back his loft, his car and all of his power. He wants Elvis to teach him everything he knows and make him a man. Just to make things clear, William happily tells him that heís all his now. At first, EJ refuses to give him an inch. However, by the end of the day, he agrees to Willís idea that he should take the polygraph test.

Sami bumps into her sister and notices sheís pregnant. Furious that no one told her earlier, she has a tantrum and suggests that Rafe must be the father. Marlena tries to calm the feuding siblings but that only makes things worse. Sami storms off to tear into Rafe. He insists heís never knocked up anyone. Elvis walks by just in time to hear this. EJ fumes. Rafe tries to talk his way out of it and then advises Sami to keep her son away from Elvis. The cop walks off and runs into Carrie. She just went to an ultrasound with Austin where she vowed that she would be totally committed to their marriage. They resist their passion for each other, but itís really hard for Rafe and he almost jumps into her arms. He pulls back and promises to keep his distance. She goes home and tries having sex with Austin to get her mind off of the other man. That doesnít go too well. She runs into the cop again and tells him sheís having a hard time being with Austin, who just happens to walk in on their conversation.

Nicole is surprised to find that Daniel slept beside her all night. They have brunch and try getting to know each other better. That mostly consists of her quizzing him about his habit of sleeping with his patients. They donít know what to call what they have. The doctor hides in her room when Rafe drops by to check on her. Once sheís alone with Daniel again, he tells her he wonít be anyoneís back-up plan. This leads to more lusty staring.

Trapped in captivity, Mel discovers that she has a not-so-secret admirer. Andrew has become smitten with his yapping captive. She chucks tea in his face and tries to run so he knocks her out. Chadís still clueless about where she is. Gabi calls Andrew to hurry up and do another stalker routine to keep Chad clinging to her. Andrew slips up and tells Gabi that heís holding her rival captive. He calms her down and warns her that sheís implicated in the whole mess. She agrees to take advantage of the situation.

Brady comes down off his latest high and tries to convince Madison that Ian has been doping him up. She leaves for a meeting and he sneaks out to score some drugs. When he gets them, he manages to resist temptation. When he tells Madi this later, she doesnít believe him. Meanwhile, Kate is still skeptical of Ianís insistence that he hasnít been drugging Brady. And Abby and Cam go for a picnic with Kayla, Abe and the kids. Abby hears Kayla talking about breaking up with Steve. The women confide in each other. Abby tells Kay about her feelings for Cameron as Cam tells Abe about his feelings for Abigail.


Monday July 2:
Rafe and Spencer probe EJ about their growing suspicions that he's the killer.
Rafe paints EJ into a corner, and suggests he submit to a lie detector test.
Sonny's more determined to uncover Will's secret he's convinced EJ is harboring.
Will finds a secret hiding place open and gets a surprise when he finds EJ's truth.
Sami thinks Rafe is the father of Carrie's baby.
Sami confronts Rafe about Carrie's pregnancy.

Tuesday July 3:
Will pockets the document proving EJ is not Stefano's son.
Later, EJ is told Will calls the shots now.
Rafe denies being the father of Carrie's baby. EJ overhears.
Rafe tells Sami to keep Will away from EJ.
Carrie and Austin hear their baby's heart beat during an ultrasound.
Nicole and Daniel discuss their relationship.

Wednesday July 4:
Will confronts EJ about not being a DiMera and demands the perks of his job returned to him, and to be taught how to rule the DiMera empire at EJ's side.
Andrew begins to develop an attraction to Melanie.
Melanie finds Lexi's obituary in the paper and tries something drastic to get away.
Gabi mopes over Melanie's disappearance.
Gabi is shocked to discover that Andrew has Mel.
Rafe and Carrie are affected by each other once again and Rafe promises to keep his distance.

Thursday July 5:
Gabi's shocked at what Andrew has done but Andrew threatens that he can make it look as though the kidnapping was her idea.
Brady comes down from his latest high and swears to Madi he's not on drugs.
Kate accuses Ian of setting up Brady.
Brady arranges to buy drugs and winds up at a motel, preparing to give in to temptation.
Cam and Abby kiss after a day out with Theo and Ciara.
Abe and Kayla discuss her situation with Steve.
Cam gets a job offer which worries Abigail.

Friday July 6:
EJ refuses to give an inch to Will.
Will suggests EJ submit to the lie detector.
EJ turns up at SPD to take the polygraph.
Nicole and Daniel grow closer despite their fears.
Daniel refuses to be anyone's back-up plan.
Carrie is unable to push aside her feelings for Rafe.
Madison and Maggie are both worried about Brady's disappearing act.
Brady stays strong.
Madi finds out what Brady has done and all hell breaks loose.

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