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First, I think Days didn't really beef up it's Emmy cred. I think they're just one of the few survivors.

Second, I really hate the whole "if they're talking..." bullshit. As others have said, sometimes we're talking about how awful things are. Most of the conversation lately (aside from the neverending fanbase wars the show's created) is about what could be done to make this stuff entertaining.

But I suppose if you don't care about the quality of your product, a strong reaction is all you really should aim for.

Third, I totally want someone to ask him, "So the writers responsible for an Emmy-nominated year are gone, as are some of the major characters. If you're acknowledging a quality issue by having a big behind-the-scenes shake up, do you think you really deserve an Emmy nomination?"

I know MarDar had issues, but to me it's kind of...bullshit to cite the refresh they helped lead as a reason for Emmy acknowledgement when they've been dumped. If it worked so well, why go back to someone else?

Follow up question- "One of the acting nominees has recently been fired. One is long gone. One has quit. None of your heavily-featured actors have been recognized. What's up with that?"

Lastly- I also think he's referring to Kristen returning. He'd better be, far as I'm concerned. Nobody else would warrant the teasing, imho.
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