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Jun 23 2012, 09:35 AM
Pre-emptions at the end of the week really work in Days' favor.
They would work wonders for most shows but especially Days and GH, who strive to get the younger audience. That's one reason why I think if soaps need to slash budget they should think about going to a 4 days a week format because the further you get into the week the less audience there seems to be most weeks. It seems the end of the week episodes are the most DVRed and sometimes people don't even get to watching them. That isn't good, especially when you consider how big the "Friday cliffhanger" once was. It's rare that a show actually gains viewers later in the week nowadays.

I also have to correct what I said in my previous post because I did not notice that Days did not count Thursday and Friday. Good for them. In years past, they counted those days and it hurt their number severely. That was the right move.
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